Multiple citations

When I have two or more citations, they sometimes stay between brackets, like it should (Alvesson & Deetz, 2006; Deetz, 1996) and somethimes they don’t, and appear up like this (Milliken, 1990); (Thomas et al., 1993). No way to bring them together. Any idea what the reason is?

The result is likely due to the way you are inserting the multiple citations. To insert multiple citations so they appear as a single group within a single set of parentheses, the corresponding Endnote references must be selected simultaneously then inserted into the document. In Windows, hold the control key while selecting the references; in Mac, hold the command key…

Refer to the Endnote training video:

Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word or

Cite While You Write in Word on Macintosh

Thank you very much for your answer !.

As I have more than 8000 references in EndNote this will take a while when I have several references, but I suppose this is the only way.

For pre-existing multiple (but separate) citations in your document an alternative to reinserting the citations is to delete all spaces and punctuation in-between the citations such that the right parenthesis of the first citation is adjacent to the left parenthesis of the second citation. In other words you want to place the citations next to each other without any spaces or punctuation separating them. Then click Endnote’s “Update citations and Bibliography” command (located in the Endnote tab of the MS Word ribbon). This will then cause all the citations to “join” as a group and appear within a single set of parentheses.

But for any new multiple citations you will need to select the corresponding references simultaneously before inserting them into your document.

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That worked fine. Very clever!  Software sometimes behaves in mysterious ways :-). Tnx a lot !