Simultaneous changes to multiple records

Hi, How do I make simultaneous changes to multiple records using Endnote x2?

Hi there, So I’ve discovered the Change and Move Fields feature. However, I the field that I want to clear - Series Editor -  is not listed in the fields that can be cleared or modified?  I tried using Custom 1, but that doesn’t appear to give you the option of telling the program to deal with the field Series Editor.

You need to specify the generic field name, not the reference type specific name.  So first you would select the references of the reference type before applying your change, or you might affect other reference types that use that field for a differenent purpose.  Series Editor = secondary author I believe - at least for Edited Book, it might be tertiary for some reference types? You can check by editing the preferences and openning (“modifying”) the reference type you are interested in.   

OK that worked great. Thanks Leanne. Another question. I have a bunch of newspaper articles and they somehow have gotten both the issue date and the words “Newspaper Article” on a second line in the field “issue date”

How do I clear out the text “newspaper article” from that field?

The text looks like this

Nov 30

Newspaper article


January 1, 1999

Newspaper article

you need to “change text” from the Edit menu.

Make a copy of the library first, just in case.

I like to have the references showing (the action is only performed on showing references) and that way you don’t change records you didn’t intend to change.

In the case of Newspaper article the field with issue info is “Date”  so that is the field you select in the drop down.  and type “newspaper article” and nothing in the box below.  If the item you wanted to delete was above the date, you would probably also in the carriage return (from the field drop down) after the words you wanted to delete.

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