Multiple styles

I’m not a power user so maybe this is second nature to some of you but I don’t even know what keywords to search to see if others have already answered this question.

I have a single document that I need to cite in-text the references numerically but the reference format in the bibliography needs to be in APA 6th edition. If I choose the citation as APA 6th, I get (author, year) for the in-text citation. So basically, the citations and reference list needs to be in numerical citation order but the actual references need to have the formatting of an APA reference.

What would be the easiest way to do this?


Numbered in what order?  -  I edited the current apa 6th, and left everything the same in the attached style,  but changed the citation to bibliography number (so still ordered as author, year, title) and added the number to the layout in the bibliography.  I saved to a new name and attached.  You would open this (it should open in endnote), save as to a  filename of your choosing (except you should never name it the same as an existing installed style.  In this case I suggest just deleting the “copy” part of the name) and then format paper and switch to this style.  See if it works for you.  I didn’t test it.

APA 6th -numbered.ens (58.3 KB)

I need it ordered as it appears in the text. This sounds like a good way to do it, I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

And when I say I’ll give it a try, I mean I’ll try to alter the format so it’s numbered in order of appearance.


That is easy. 

When you open the style to edit it, (Edit>Output style Edit “APA 6th-numbered”  (which you might first have to select) then go to the bibliography “sorting”, and change the sort order to order of appearance and “save” it (to the same name in this case). 

Thanks so Much!