My Endnote is lying to me

Hello everybody,

I have some problems with my Endnote. When I tried to open a library that clearly has its Data folder in the correct place (see 1), it showed me an error message (see 2). The “-” in the name is not the solution, as indicated by the other .enl data. It also shows what happens if you press ok on the error message: it deletes the .Data folder that was previously there.

I suspect that it has something to do with Endnote 9.3, the version here is 9.2 and the library was created with 9.3 (but if that is the problem it should tell me that imo). So I tried to update my Endnote and was faced with yet another lie (see 3 (I wanted to attach a picture that shows that I am on 9.2 but I can only add 3 attachments…its 9.2 Bld 13018)): the 9.2 build initially showed me that there is an update possible, I clicked “learn more” or something like that, my browser opened etc. but I could not autoupdate. And the next time I clicked “Check Updates” the recurring lie popped up, restart did not change a thing.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :slight_smile:



I had the same experience.  see discussion here.

When I tested trying to open a converted library with X9.2,  it give that useless error message, corrupts the .DATA folder and destroys the database if you chose to continue.  The error message is obviously unhelpful, but I guess they would have to change old versions of endnote  to recognize (and reject with a better error message) the new database structure, which is also an update, so they haven’t done that.  I also had Endnote set to auto-open the old library name and that too, would reconvert and would overwrite the new converted library (removing any new records you may have added or edited) if you don’t change that before closing endnote.  It does give you that message it is going to convert, so I realized it, was able to ignore and then made the necessary changes to my preferences to open the new converted library.  

Also I needed to manually update to X9.3 as the automatically update doesn’t work (also verified in the thread above). see  for the manual updates. 

Thank you so much, I was able to manually fix everything (with the steps you recommended)!