My endnote X7.5.3 not able to update to X7.7.1 - Mac

I use the udpate button on endnote X7.5.3 and I see the download bar. After a while the donwload bar disappear. The version of my endnote still remain X7.5.3. I have tried few times and still dont get the update.

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If the updating process is failing for you, I’d suggest removing your existing version of EndNote and reinstalling from an already-updated installer:

Be sure to have your EndNote product key handy before uninstalling.  It would be a good idea to make a backup of your EndNote library, as well, just in case.  You can backup your library by clicking “File>Compressed Library” while your EndNote library is open.

Please let me know if this helps.

Thank you for your recommendation. 

I had retry using my Home network and succesfully updated to the latest version before I read your comment here. 

It appears that my college’s network have blocked certain IP .

Thanks you.