Update to EndNote X7.7 fails

After starting Endnote, the following message surfaces: "You are currently running version Would you like to install this update (version 

After I chose to download and install, the updater gives me an error message saying that “this updater was unable to find any copies of endnote that could be updated to endnote x7.7”

EndNote was installed in the standard directory and I updated it a couple of times over the past months without any problems. Finally, the app even works together with Word 2016 on my Mac. Hence, a solution without having to delete and re-install Endnote would be highly appreciated. Particularly, as I use Endnote through a university license.

Any help is appreciated - thank you in advance!

It would help if you can provide the “EndNote X7 Update.log” file. To locate this file, hold down the “option” key on your keyboard and go to the “Go” Menu and choose “Library”. From here, go into the Logs folder. There you will find the “EndNote X7 Update.log” file. If you can copy this file to your desktop and attach it to your reply, we can look into the issue with your update.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your help - I attached the requested log file. Please note, I had to change the suffix of the file from .log to .txt and had to zip the file in order to be able to upload it here. I hope it works anyway.

EndNote X7 Update.txt.zip (58 KB)

Hello Florian,

Thank you for the log file. I have asked our Developers to look into the issue. While this is being investigated, you can continue to use EndNote X7.6 as you have been. I will let know you if our Developers need any additional information from your system. Thank you for your patience.