My search window dissapeared :(


I am using endnote X1.0.1. All of a sudden, the search window disappeared no matter whether I want to search my main library or trying to do an online search. Neither using the pull down menue nor “Crtl F” opens the search window. The only search I can conduct currently is by using the search window with the binocular on top of the screen. Does anybody has an idea how to fix this problem

Thank you for your support.

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does the Window drop down say it is open?  Is it hidden somewhere out of your view?


I guess I had the same problem when I was using X1. Everything else was just fine, but Ctrl+F didn’t show anything.

What happened to me was, somehow the registry data for the window placement of the search window was overwritten, which sent the search window outside of the monitor view (out of sight).

If that is the case for you, you can hit Ctrl+F, blindly type a search term which you expect a few references come up, and hit enter. If your library shows the anticipated search result, your search window is somewhere “outside” of your monitor, but the search function itself is working.

Now, to fix this problem, I had to edit registry data manually through Regedit, and re-write some numbers there. If you are familiar with the Regedit in Windows, I can tell where it is. It is in HKEY_CURRENT_USER and ISI ResearchSoft. Instead of re-writing the registry data, you could uninstall X1, delete the Endnote registry (after saving backup, of course), and re-install X1. It sounds tricky, and yes using Regedit is not for everybody, but that was the only solution for me. If you are afraid using registry editor, the best solution is probably to contact technical service.

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I do not know how to answer your first question but following the other advice, e.g. simply tying in a search phrase showed a search result.Thus I gues that it is hidden somewhere out of my view. What surprises me is that is has been working all the time ok and of a sudden it screwd up. Do you have an easier suggestion to fix the problem than the one suggested in the other posting?

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Oh yes, much easier.  In endnote, go to the “Window” menu and cascade, or tile vertically or horizontally. 

Computing can be so easy :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s good!

By the way, search window in version X2 is incorporated with preview pane, so it doesn’t go away somewhere out of your monitor.

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Thanks to all of you!  For me I was able to up my monitor resolution to the max (giving me a bigger screen) and I was able to see the corner of my search box in hiding and drag it back onto the screen.

I was causing this problem for myself by using a laptop hooked up to 2 monitors with Endnote on my secondary monitor and Word on my primary.  Nice way to keep things visible without switching windows, until I disconnected and just thought the program had a bug. Uninstall, reinstall, repeat, curse, curse a lot more …