"Search References" command no longer opens search window

Currently I can not do two things:

1.  Search references.  simply put, nothing happens.  

2.  Can’t seem to connect to online databases.  If i connect to say, PubMed, the title of my window will display PubMed but the database does not show up.  


I tried reinstallation.

Some obscure setting that I’ve accidently enabled?

We need to know which version of Endnote - and whether it ever worked for you.

hi, sorry,  version X1.0.1

it had worked initially.

I know that there have been intermittent issues with EndNote/PubMed lately, but it working right now for me.  Does it open an empty “library window”?  Try ctrl-F? does that bring it up?

hi, thanks for responding, but i solved the issue.  and, as expected, it was silly:  i had a dual-screen set up with only one monitor connected.  the search box was opening in the unconnected screen.

I have the same problem: x.0.1. Installed patch.

When I choose any of my connections nothing happens, neither does pressing strg+f

Only my library looses focus (dark blue title → light blue)

Sometimes the search window is “off screen” and you just can’t see it.  In endnote, go to the “Window” menu and cascade, or tile vertically or horizontally. 

There is no hidden window.

The only window which is shown in the menu list is the endnote library.

Tiling does not help

my version is x1.0.1 bld 2682

Try regedit.exe from Windows “Run…” command.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>ISI ResearchSoft>EndNote>Preferences>Window Placement Search Frame

Then edit the value as: 0,1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1,2,651,317

This is the default value of search frame when EndNote X1 is installed.

Hope this helps.

great !!! solved!!!