New library folder every time I sync results in loss of references


Every time I open EndNote, it asks to open an existing library. I choose from the default sdb.eni file, but it warns that I am trying to open it without its associated .Datafolder. So when I open it, it does not have any of my references saved.

My current way around this is that I sync my library via my account and it loads the references, however it creates another level of sbd.eni Data folder in the default save location.

I did not change the location of any default folders during installation, and have reinstalled the program in an attempt to create only a single location that would avoid this issue but it did not work.

Has anyone seen this issue before, or know how to remedy it?

What version of Endnote are you using and did you recently upgrade from an older version of Endnote? Mac or PC?

I suggest turning off the preference to open an existing library and try creating a new library. If the sdb.DATA folder is not there or corrupted the program will not be able to recover your references. Set your preference to “ask” rather than opening the previous library. Make sure you are not creating the library in a folder that you don’t have “write” privileges in. (for example in the program folder for endnote).

and the “pointer” file name will be sdb.enl not eni. That file has really nothing in it. The DATA folder has ALL the information necessary for the library, so it if is not finding it, it will not have any references.