new output style help

Can anyone please help me with a new output style for Entomology and Applied Science Letters?  It looks like the following: 


Micronutrients are metals or metal containing inorganic compounds. They function as intracellular messangers or
enzymatic co factors. Micronutrients as the name implicates are required in small quantities for the proper execution
of vital activities in living things [1, 2, 6]. As in vertebrate the essentiality and intake of micronutrients [7, 10] is
well established in insect nutrition also [8]. Micronutrients have its own importance in insect diet particularly in the
preparation of insect artificial diet. They require micronutrients for proper growth and survival [1]. In the case of
lepidopteron insects the absence or presence of micronutrients in the diet can influence on its behaviour and
immunocompetance [5]. The knowledge about the role of vitamin in insect nutrition is limited…

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The References are in alphabetical order based upon first initial letter.  I tried to do it myself, but I am not able to get it correctly formatted, isn’t much help on the required formats (no mention of order, numbering (at all!) and the expected non-superscripted number  (in square brackets). The examples in published papers in this new journal are numbered in order of appearence (as your example shows)  but also have italicized Journal name (usually abbreviated) and the year bolded…    The description of a book then shows an example is of a book chapter (but doesn’t list the editors, but some papers include them anyway (ref 3 in  So makes it hard for me to modify a similar output style to match?  

So, there is little guidance and  there are  lots of inconsistancies between various papers published in the journal itself.  The example on the web guidlines says to omit title of the journal article, but some include it ( .  No examples of edited books, are shown in the guidelines.  Hence I gave up.  

Truthfully, I would ask the editors if they based the style on a style manual or other publication.  They need better instructions to their authors.