Pages 5.5.3 & Endnote X7.3 - Chicago footnotes are misformatted.

Dear TR & Friends–

I use MS Word 2013 with Endnote X7 without a problem in Windows. However, when at home on my Mac, I sometimes use Pages (now 5.5.3) and Endnote X7. I am unable to properly insert footnotes in Pages, the formatting is all off (i.e. italics).

I have tried using Word 2011 with Endnote X7 in Mac, and it works just fine.

Is there something I’m missing, or is Endnote X7 not compatible with Pages 5.5.3?

Endnote worked beautifully with Pages 2009 so I’m wondering if I missed something. For now, I’m using Word full-time and am planning to stick with it.

Please advise, thank you.

–Prof. B.  _is where Endnote/Papers compatibility issues are updated.  _As I understand it Apple is in charge of integrating  Cite While You Write: Apple® Pages ’09; Apple® Pages 5, so the developers at TR just try to work with them - but it has been awhile now, since there have been any changes to address these issues.  


The most recent note there is: 

_ Pages 5.2 and later
There is a known issue impacting Pages 5.2 and later, including Pages 5.5, which causes an overall typing slowdown after citing a dozen or more footnote references. To avoid this problematic behavior, we suggest developing your body of text first, then circling back to insert desired footnotes and associated references from your EndNote library.

The Pages 5.2 and later, including Pages 5.5  plug-in has an issue where bold, italic or superscripted text is not done at all with the EndNote Plug-in.  There is not a workaround for this issue at this point and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

EndNote users of Pages should let us know if they run into any other issues using Pages 5.2 or later, including Pages 5.5. _

Hi Leanne–

Thank you for the follow-up.

Indeed, there is an issue with the current version of Pages 5.5.3. The footnotes will not work with Italics at all when citing in Chicago. If I use Word 2011 (or 2013 on Windows), the footnotes insert just fine from Endnote X7.

Please advise if there is anything else I may try, otherwise, I will be sticking with Word exclusively from now on.


–John B.

I use Pages 5.5.3 (2152) and EndNote 7.3.1 (built 10444), and the EndNote plug-in for Pages. I noticed two problems every time I copy a text portion that includes a reference and insert it again:

(1) Pages adds a close-parenthesis after every reference in the entire document following the inserted text (so this is worst for copy-pasting at the beginning of the document because it affects every reference thereafter).

(2) Pages deletes space after space before the reference, i.e. between the text and the inserted reference, or the text in front of the reference.

I noticed this bug only today. When I worked on the document yesterday everything was fine if I recall correctly. I started using the plugin about a week ago.

I’m editing a long paper which involves a lot of copy-pasting of text pieces, which is kind of killing my paper right now :cry: I already reported it to Apple but I guess they’ll need a while to fix it if it’s a problem on their end. I restored my document to yesterday’s version, but I can’t work on it any more :cry:

Has anyone else these problems? Thanks for any feedback!