Newly created library doesn't open on second computer

I have been working with a demo of EN X3 on my Mac (System 10.5).  I have a massive set of libraries from a colleage who has been adding references for years, so the libraries needed to be converted to open in X3, but it worked fine and I can read and work with those libraries.  But I waited until my demo was ready to expire before trying to create my own library from scratch.  I did this last night at home on my laptop (Mac, with same operating system).  I set up the library to contain the two types of file together (“package” option).  I have been working on my manuscript for several months before getting the EN demo, so have just been manually adding to my Lit Cited section as I find a new reference.  I have about 2400 references now, and will probably have 5000 by the time I finish, so I decided I need a better way to handle this.  I manually created about the first 80 references for the library last night, retyping the easy stuff (author, year, city, pages) and selecting and pasting the titles, journals, etc.  I saved and closed each reference and it was nicely added to the library.  I was able to double-click on a reference and fix an occasional error.  

After I finished the first 80 I copied the library to a flash drive and this morning I moved it from the flash drive to my manuscript documents file on the office computer.  But when I try to open it I get an error window that says it is unable to open the library (but it doesn’t say why).  I tried opening it by double-clicking the icon, then tried going to EN and selecting it from the browsing windows, but I still get the same error.  The demo has expired, but the message that came with it said I could still view libraries, just not modify them.  My intent was to go to our campus computer store and buy a copy of EN X3 Monday morning.  But I am not sure I want to do that if I cannot go back and forth between computers.  I save the copy of my ms at the end of each day on a flash drive and take it home.  I usually get a couple of hours in the evening to add to it on the laptop and save the latest version on the flash drive and bring it to the office.  Now I am starting to add refs to the EN library and want to do it the same way.  It will take me a week or more to complete this, but if EN will not let me save and run on the other computer each time it may not be the program I need.

Is there some way to get the new library to open on the office computer?  Have I done something wrong?  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Incidentally, I will be using EN without the CWYT feature as I do not use Word.  I much prefer the Nisus wp for working with my ms.  I save in .rtf format so I can share with those using Word and PC and that works fine.  I did not have time yet to try the web searching features of EN, but if I do get this problem fixed and buy a copy I will do that next after finishing transfer of all my refs.

I read back in the posts to the beginning of the year to see if anyone else had posted this problem, but found nothing like it.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.   Jack 

I’m pretty much sure when you have a licensed version, you can install the copy of EN in 3 computers (home, office, and laptop for example) as long as you keept the fair use policy, like you are the only user and using it in one computer at a given time. You can move library back and forth between locations. That’s what I do and have done for years, and I belive Mac-PC doesn’t matter. I used to be a Mac user and did that so often, but I do that only with PCs now.

Talking about the limitation of trial version, I’m not sure. They don’t allow two trial versions and transferring file back and forth, and doing so may trigger expiration of trial. And I vaguely remember they had restriction of references, but that’s long long time ago. You should probably call Thomson Reuter, but my guess is… they’ll say “when you buy license, all these restrictions will be removed…”. They might not have elaborated the limitation of restricted mode.

Btw, RTF conversion works just fine with EN, and CWYW is not absolutely necessary function. It is very convenient with MS Word and OpenOffice Writer, but if the convenience of your favorite word processor exceeds the inconvenience of MS Word or OpenOffice, you can stick with RTF conversion. Tha’ts the oldest (and sometimes still the best) way for most of the long time EN users.

Btw #2, avoid manually typing references. Whenever or wherever possible, use online databases to import references first. If you can’t find such, then manually type. There are bunch of reasons for that.

Good luck 

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OK, thanks.  I will probably buy an unrestricted copy tomorrow.  If I can open my new library then we will know that was the problem and I can click the Solution logo.  But if that doesn’t help then I still have a problem.  I have left an email for TR tech help so maybe they will confirm what you said.  Meantime, tonight I will check again and make sure I can still open the copy on my laptop at home. 

OK, all is solved.  My error.  I thought I had successfully created the “package” .enlp file, but turns out it is just the .enl file, so it would not open by itself.  When I got home I created a new .enlp version and brought that on my flash drive to the office and now that opens on the other computer, as it should.  Thanks for all the suggestions.  I am now on my way to our campus computer store to buy a full version of EN.