No support for 64-bit Libreoffice

Endnote apparently only supports 32-bit Libreoffice, not 64-bit. That’s frankly ridiculous in 2024. When will Endnote implement support for the modern version?

They will support their markets. Clearly, there is not a large 64bit Libra Office market otherwise thee would be support.

As opposed to the 32-bit Libreoffice market, which is even smaller?

If 32-bit Libreoffice is (was) already supported, then it is in there. The work was done years ago. However, it seems that learning from this they have decided that there are not enough 64bit Libra Office users to warrant the work now.

If you are so sure the 32-bit Libreoffice market is so small, we could suggest they remove the support? Though once in, things tend to be left in.

Support is an ongoing process, and it seems purely contrarian to argue for support of an outdated version over the corresponding modern version.

The support for the 32-bit Libreoffice was done and dusted many years ago. There is nothing “ongoing” there. There is no cost to leave it there and no maintenance.

What happened was a pressure group wanted 32-bit LibreOffice support, and Endnote (under which ever owner) did it. However, it is clear they have decided that it is not worth doing any more work on Libreoffice hence no effort to support the 64-bit version.

Pressure group?! Why are you being so weirdly defensive about a very reasonable request. Right now they’re advertising support for Libreoffice but not really providing what is advertised.

There are, it seems, not enough LibreOffice users to warrant Endnote doing any more work on it. So the logical conclusion is a small group made a lot of noise the first time. Whilst the number of LibreOffice users is a fraction of the MS Office users, it is not a small number. Apparently, 25% of LibreOffice users are students, who you might expect would want Endnote.

I do agree that if they are going to advertise LibreOffice support, it should be the current versions. Ie 64bit as most people have 64bit PC’s now, unless of course some major customers of Endnote use the 32bit LibreOffice?