Unique characters: hyphen/sub-/superscripts

Hi all,

I’ve got some questions about quick characters, as I am formatting a fairly large inherreted library.

First of all, is it possible to “feed” my entries a non-breaking hyphen character?  (I have checked Windows 7’s Character Map - Ariel for Unicode#2011 and didn’t see one and copy-paste from Word 2010 appears to leave a blank space).  Find/replace all works, but is not as easy as a bibliography that does this automatically.

Second of all, I find myself spending a lot of time hitting CTRL+= on a whole bunch of references to change chemical formulae to subscript/superscript.  (a) Can EndNote read these in through any of the import file settings?  (b) Can anyone think of an efficient way to do this with 100+ current entries?

Thanks for any thoughts,   Bryan 

For the first situation (non-breaking hyphen), change EndNote’s “Display Font”* to a unicode font like Palatino Linotype which supports the non-breaking hyphen (U+2011) and is available in the Windows Character Map. [*Note: Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES; click the “Display Fonts” option then the “Change Font” button to search and select a font.]

When the non-breaking hyphen (U+2011) is inserted (refer to the attached image which illustrates the non-breaking hyphens in book titles) the library window displays hyphens - but “squares” will be displayed when viewing the reference from the Preview, Quick Edit, reference type windows.

As shown in the attached image, the generated bibliography shows the non-breaking hyphens “holding” their respective content as a single unit which was then carried forward to a new line.

Interesting… so does that mean I have to be careful what font I tell Word to display my bibliography in from now on?  If only a few select fonts “handle” non-breaking hyphen, should I be aware of anything in particular when attempting this?  (i.e. if I change my Word doc from, say, Calibri, to Ariel, to Times N.R., etc. am I every going to notice the squares come back?)

@bkuropa wrote:

Interesting… so does that mean I have to be careful what font I tell Word to display my bibliography in from now on?  

No, the font display only affects EndNote. If you look at the attached image in my prior message, EndNote’s “Display Font” uses Palatino Linotype but MS Word uses a Times Roman font (my preferred font of choice) - so the resulting in-text citations and bibliography is generated as Times Roman.