Number restart / references not recognized

I’m having an endnote problem.  I have a word document in which I have about 40 references.  Everything is working fine, but then I go to insert another reference and the numbering has restarted at 1.  It seems that the reason this happens is that endnote no longer recognizes that the previous 40 references exist.

What makes me say this?  Well, the first 40 ref. numbers are still there, as is the reference section, and if I hover the mouse pointer over one of the numbers, all of the details appear.  When I go to the window that shows all of the references in the document however, the only reference that appears is the latest one (the one for which the numbering restarted).

Please Help!  I’m using Mac OS 10.5.7 and Endnote X2 with the latest patch.

Have you tried unformating and reformating (turning CWYW back on, during the reformating process)?

EN Version, Style? (are you using a style that separately formats sections, which is possible in X3, only) 

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I am having this same problem (with endnote X2) and unformatting/reformatting does not fix it. I still have 2 bibliographies where I only want 1. It’s as if word or endnote stopped recognizing my first bibliography.

Operating system?  word version?