Numbered & alphabetic bibliography

I’m using EndNote X8 and looking for a citation style that has numbered in-text citations with an alphabetic bibliography. I’ve searched through the questions on this forum and can’t provide an answer that tells the actual names of those citation styles or a solution that is intended for the X8 version.

With X8, I am given hundreds of citation styles to choose from and they are identified by which field they are used for, but I can’t find information about how those citations styles are structured without googling each one manually.

Any help is appreciated.



Yes, they have still never really resolved how to find an output style that is similar to the needs.  In my experience, looking at at other publications from the same publishing house and in a similar field, often gets you a publication name included in their >6000 styles.  You need more information than just alphabetical or by appearance though.  It is easy to change any numbered style from one to the other.  you also need to know all the other style elements.  

You can view the output for any style in your collection edit>output styles>open style manager, then click the style info/preview button at the bottom.  There aren’t many numbered styles that are sorted alphabetically AND there is no easy way to search for them!  This is a long standing Endnote issue.  

A long time ago, a user created a set of styles that was based on the critera, rather than on a publication name.  They are still available and his naming convention is here where I reposted it. sifting thru that thread I see AJP (American Journal of Physiology) uses a numbered alpha sorted reference style.  Is this close to your needs?  

SG2 Bod_Ti_Jo Ital_Vol_Page_Yr -AJP .ens (12.4 KB)