Numbered citation, details at page bottom & biography

I need a style format that displays a number citation in the text, but at the bottom of each page (in a “footnote”) name, year, journal (etc) . Finally it should show a biography in the end of the document.

I’ve tried numerous style formats but none of them does the trick. For an example of what I need, check the attached article.


You need a footnote output style, which uses the word insert footnote and you put the citation in the footnote.  Try this youtube presentation to get an idea of how this works.  

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Thanks a lot! Yes, it does solve my problem.

I had thought about creating footnotes for each reference, but assumed there would be an automatic way. Since it’s still a lot of repetitive manual work with 300 references and thousand+ citations.

Do you already have citations entered into the text?  There is a Macro that will convert to footnotes I think… rummage rummage  – but it isn’t for the feint hearted!