Numbered references in alphabetical order

Thinking of it, the solution you suggested in #10 (using Author date for citations with page numbers) is far better than my unelegant suggestion, and requires far less manual input

I wonder if you just don’t want to leave the citations clean as it is in Numbered, add the parentheses and , page number) manually!  - Since you would need to go into each citation and edit it – the page number is added manually, at the end of the day, it isn’t any time savings to have it outside the citation itself with all the complications?  

So you are typing  - you know you are going to cite a page for the next citation, type (  then insert ref, then type , 32)  and you are done?  

no right clicking and no mess? 

I already have the references in the document (it’s a revised manuscript), so then #10 is probably quicker. But if I were to write from scratch, what you just suggested sounds smoother.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your help!!

You might still find it easier to unformat the citations, and edit the unformatted citation then and reformat.  Depends on how many there are, I guess and how many Author [bib no] instances.   

Thank you very much!Very helpful!

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