Numbering Every Citation Sequentially

So a client has asked for a rather odd citation scheme and I am trying to determine if RefMan can actually do this.

They want every citation to be numbered sequentially. In other words, if I have 4 references cited 15 times in the text, they wouldn’t be numbered 1-4, they would be numbered 1-15.

It’s like that screw up that RefMan does when you cut and paste a Word document and it gets out of sync, and then lists every occurance even though they have the same id.  That. We need to do that deliberately.

I can’t seem to find any option that will make RefMan do this. Anyone have any ideas?


If I am understanding correctly, your user wants each appearance of a citation to have a unique number within the text?  If that is the case, the only way to trick Reference Manager into outputting this format would be to duplicate the reference within the Reference Manager database. 

For instance, if one reference is cited four timesn Word, you would create four identical records within Reference Manager.  After duplicating the reference within the database, use each of the duplicated records to cite this reference within Word.  This process would trick Reference Manager into thinking each of the duplicated records was a unique reference and each citation would be assigned a separate bibliography number.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood your query.

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Yeah, I kind of figured that was the only likely solution after digging.  Thanks for confirming that for me.