Numbering screwed up

Can someone please help me?  I have written a large file with 147 refs in Endnote.  But I discovered that there  were 148 listed in the list at the end of the paper.  I found that one duplicate that I had thought was removed was still there, in one case with full first names and in the other with initials (so not a perfect duplicate).  This one ref was cited as nos. 24 and 83. The problem was one of them (no.24) had been listed as a traveling library. I deleted it in Endote and reentered it and used the “edit and mange” command to remove all travelign library citations. Now I had all citations to this one ref, but it listed as no. 147. When I “update citations and bibliogrphy” it remains as no. 147, when all of them should revert to no. 24. How can I renumber them correctly?