Abstract in Library window

How do I display the abstract in the library window, please?

Thanks in advance – DJ

the only way that would make any sense, would be to create or select a style that includes the abstract and view the individual records in the preview portion of the window at the bottom of the library screen.  Otherwise, if you edit the display fields to use the abstract field you see a limited view of the first words of the abstract in line, in the record listing. 

I have previewed all of the Output Styles and not one includes the abstract. Can someone tell me if they have found an output style that contains the abstract? I’ve also tried editing an existing output style but the abstract still won’t display in the preview pane.

“show all fields”?

If I go to “Edit” > “Output Styles” > “Show all Fields” it does display the abstract. However, I still have to scroll down through a bunch of extraneous information to get to my abstract. I would really just like to display the “abstract” and the “research notes” fields. Do you know how to display just these fields? Thanks for your help. 

You just need to delete all the other stuff from a template (see attached) and save it as a new style, - like show abstract.  Then change the style to that in the little window at the top of endnote.  see attatched style, which I started to remove everything except abstract, notes and research notes. 

It appears that I can’t attach a .ens file, so I have renamed the .ens file as a .jpeg - so you will need to rename it with .ens, put it in your styles folder and then open endnote to access it. 

Thank you! Your file works beautifully. I’m very grateful for your help.

For those who may want to do this in the future: I saved the new template as “Show Abstract.ens” and stored it in C:\Program Files\EndNote X1\Styles because that is where all the other styles are stored. Then I selected this file by going to “Edit” > “Output Style” > “Open Style Manager” and selecting “Show Abstract”.

What I didn’t realize before is that the viewing pane displays fields in accordance to which fields are selected under “Bibliography”. To modify which fields are displayed, go to “Edit” > “Output Style” > “Edit Show Abstract”. On the left-hand pane select “Templates”, located underneath “Bibliography”. Click “Insert Fields” to add any additional fields you would like to have displayed. (I found it helpful to copy an existing field line so that it is formatted like this: Author:  Author).


I think you have a good point here. We are going to try to allow for the attachment of .ens files for all of the EndNote forums. This may take a few days but I can not see there being a problem with this.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development

The “Annotated” style supplied with EndNote is designed for just this purpose. It formats references in a basic style, with abstracts.

You can now attach .ens files to posts in any of the EndNote portions of the forums.

Without the lawyers coming down on us?:wink: