only show 20 out of total results in PubMed search

 Dear EndNote:

I got stopped by the problem that the PubMed only returns 20 out of the total results. However, the Web of Science can work properly with me. In my PubMed search, it seems OK to find out the total results that I want. This is shown in the first attached file. 

But it only shows 20 results in my result box, after which it stops and pops up a message box showing error reading records. This is shown in my second attached file.

If anyone has ever faced this kind of situation? Hopefully, someone can help me resolve my problem.


EndNote User

I had no problem downloading the 384 records from PubMed. Suggest you retry downloading. If problem repeats contact tech support:

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On occassion during times of high internet traffic, I have had PubMed errors in retrieving records, but not sure I get that specific error message.  Hasn’t happened as of late.  (added in edit – remember if you already retrieved some of the records, it doesn’t always show them again – but then you get no error msg or warning, but if you haven’t deleted/replaced with new search, they are in the “all retrieved” group. )