Open or Save when downloading citations

I normally chose Open after selecting Download citation in a web citations database (e.g. Scopus) and the reference opens in my EndNote library and stays there. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between chosing Open and Save in this dialouge box? When I select Open, are my references not properly saved in the library?

Thank you in advance.

It is somewhat browser specific.  Sometimes in Chrome, my “open” command means it appears as a box near the bottom right and I still have to open it to import.  – while Save, just saves it to the hard drive (usually in “downloads” or it asks where, and you have to browse the folder in explorer it to open it.  Sometime you can set browsers  to  automatically open a file which imports it into endnote (assuming it is the right tagged RIS or endnote ENW filetype).  – some publisher sites do the export automatically to endnote, bypassing browser settings.