Ordering of fields

Hi, I’m using EndNote Online and preparing a Vancouver bibliography. It is ordering the fields Author - Title - Date and I would like to change it to Author - Date - Title. Please can you advise how to do this? Also when inserting a website reference, how can I get it to pick up the Access Date field? Many thanks.

See http://endnote.com/kb/131728 for a handy document to use to learn how to edit your styles.  

I assume you mean order by year, as the date field doesn’t sort correctly (sorts alpha numeric, so April would come before August, then Dec  then Feb).  The attached is ordered by year (Bibliography sort settings) and I have added accessed Date accessed Year to the end of the Webpage template.  

Vancouver Author-Date-Title.ens (44.3 KB)

As a user of EndNote online you do not have the ability to edit or change styles. You can try using a different style to see if you can find one that will order the information the way you want and includes the fields you want.

You might consider moving to the desktop version of EndNote where you can edit styles.

Since you are connected to the University of Sheffield you can contact the EndNote online administrator for the school about adding a style that would give you the correct format.

A contact person for University of Sheffield appears to be Karen Butterworth.

You can find more information on this issue on our website here:



sorry, missed the “online” part!