Some references in Bibliography are single author, et al. others have all authors listed

Endnote X7 for Mac

Word 2011 for Mac

Both latest updates.

I have a mix of author, et al. and full list of authors in my thesis reference section.

I have tried:

In Endnote-

Editing output style (author-date) to all authors in citations, bibliography and footnotes, then selecting this as the favorite in the output styles list

In Word-

Update citations and bibliography

But still some author, et al in manuscript.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

John E

Can you please attach your edited output style?  

Thank you Leanne,

I hope this is what you are asking for?

I have also noticed that some references are not updating in the manuscript after being edited in Endnote desktop.

The only way to get the reference to update is to manually remove the reference from the manuscript and recite using cite as you write.

Another odd thing, manuscript has 1148 references, but same manuscipt is only showing 1144 in Endnote desktop, even after selecting update bibliography in Word, check for duplicates reveals none in manuscipt though?

Do you think these issues are related to my having to retrieve tha manuscript from a back-up drive after having a hard drive failure on which the original manuscript was stored.

I will be away from the computer for about a week from today, so apologies if I do not reply in that time.



Screen Shot JP32014-03-25 at 08.22.12.jpg

I really wanted the actual author-date-all authors .ens file - but it looks like it is okay from your screen shots.  My version of that output style is attached (but I didn’t change citations).  I only needed to change the editors to all in bibliography settings.  Do you really want the in text citations to show all authors?  That would appear to be cumbersome.  They are usually set to if 3 or more show 1 or show 2?  

I am concerned if it isn’t  updating, though.  Can you unformat the citations to the curly bracketed form?  I don’t understand what you mean by 1148 vs 1144 references?  Are you sure the CWYW is on?  

I can wait for your reply, no problems. 

Author-Date-ALL.ens (16 KB)

Thank you for your reply, Leanne,

I only want all authors in the bibliography. I tried changing the bibliography section to all authors first, when that didn’t work, I tried adding all authors in the citation section as well, but still didn’t change to all authors in bibliography section.

Cite as you write appears to be working ok.

Thesis (Word document) has 1148 references, whereas thesis file in endnote has 1145 (sorry not 1144) references. See screen shots.

There are no duplicates in the thesis file in Endnote.

I don’t know if there is an easy way to check the thesis Word document for 3 duplicate references out of over 1000?

All was working fine until I had a hard drive failure. The current version of the thesis was lost, but I keep hourly back-ups (Apple Time Capsule / Time Machine) and the thesis copy I now have is the one from 1 hour before the hard drive failure. There was no difference in the number of references or content between the 2 versions of the thesis however.

Endnote Web was working fine before the hard drive failure, however now when I attempt to sync I lose all references in both desktop and web. I have therefore disabled sync with the web version of Endnote.

I will be away from the computer for at least another week from tonight (Sunday night) to deal with a family situation, so apologies again if I do not reply straight away.

Kind regards,

John E

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 17.09.46 copy.jpg

I find the easiest way to determine if there are duplicates is to unformat and then reformat the document, to ensure that all the citations in the manuscript are in the library.  (it could be retaining some in the “traveling library” not in the endnote library you are using).  – You can also try formating with an (author, year) format temporarily which will show up with duplicates as an Yeara and Yearb format, so you can search for the a) or b) in the citations? 

otherwise, I would call tech support who can walk you thru steps to see what is going on.  numbers are on their website

P.S.  did you try changing to my style I attached to the last message? 


I will try unformat / re-format first

Then I will try your output style after.

If finished before tonight I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the tip about finding duplicates in the manuscript. If I have time ronight I will try this too, if not I will do this next weekend.

Thanks again,

Kind regards,

John E