Output style - extra lines

We have created an output style (see below) that has returns in it so that each line is single-spaced.  


Author (Year). “Title.” Journal Volume(Issue): Pages.

PubMed: Accession Number

DOI: Electronic Resource Number


However, Endnote X is rendering the output with double-spaced lines!  Any idea what's going on?  What do we need to do to get our output single-spaced?


Thanks in advance,

Stephanie Holmgren


Biomedical Librarian


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Research Triangle Park, NC 27709




In Word go to “Tools > EndNote > Format Bibliography” and click on the “Layout” tab.  Make sure that the bibliography is set to single space.


We are not using Word for this project.  But it shouldn’t matter, because when the file is exported and saved, the format should be saved single-spaced (as directed by the output style).  We have saved the file as both .txt and .html and both are double spacing the lines.