output style of journal advanced science letter

Does anyone know the output style similiar  to that of Journal of advanced science letters or the output style itself of this journal? Thanks


Is this the publication you are referring to?


Normally, our Technical Support department isn’t able to make customized output styles on-the-fly like this, but the journal’s formatting requirements seem fairly straight forward and I had some free time which allowed me to create an EndNote style file.  

If you would like to to test this style, please download the style file attached to my forum post.  After downloading the style, place the customized style file inside the “Styles” folder, which is inside your EndNote program folder.  Once the new style has been incorporated within your EndNote installation, please try formatting a document with it and let me know if anything needs to be changed.

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Advanced Science Letters.ens (14 KB)

Thank you for your assistance. 

is there any style for mendeley?