Ovid Medline Direct Export Authors Problem


I am a frequent Ovid user and today I noticed all authors getting listed twice when doing a direct export from Ovid Medline. I’ve got a huge search/import to do, so I thought it might save me some time to see if anyone else was experiencing this before I dig deeper.



It’s working OK for me today. I use a modified filter for Ovid Medline. If it was working correctly for you before, I’m surprised it isn’t working now.

Ovid sends the records with the author names appearing twice, once with abbreviated initials (using the tag AU), and once with full forenames (using the tag FA). Your filter is probably set up to handle this, because I think it has been like that for a long time.

If you are still having problems, you can try downloading our modified Ovid Medline filter at:


Read carefully the note about deleting other Ovid Medline filters (or moving them out of your Filters folder).