Problems with adding new citations to a library


I’m using EndNote X 3 with OS X 10.4.6 and Word 2008. I have created a library with approx. 200 citations so far and everything has worked well…so far.  Now I’m trying to cite publications which alreday exist in my correctly formatted library. But what is happening is that the citation is inserted at the right place, but the whole library at the end of my word document gets re-formatted and every (!) citation is moved to a NEW page. So I end up with a reference list containing 200 (!) pages for 200 citations. Same is happening when I try to import new citations to the library.

Can anyone help out? Please?


What style are you using?  Can you attach it here?  also, is it at all possible that the last paragraph in the manuscript had Line and Page breaks formatting applied that might say "“page break before”?  For example, if there were a Header with this formatting applied, the entire bibliography may also have that formatting. 

The style is “Annotated Generic”.

And yes: the last paragraph of the manuscript ends with a section break (next page) and the library heading is preceded by a “page break before”. But I also tried removing all those breaks and nothing has changed. Plus: Even without adding any new citations to the library (i.e. making it bigger and probably adding new pages to it) I’m having these problems. As far as I see it the library should stay unchanged. I hope that doesn’t sound too confusing. My knowledge is obviously pretty basic.


I don’t think it is your library’s problem.  I think it is in the word document.  Try opening a blank document - pasting in some citations and see if the references are correctly formatted without page breaks?   If they are, it is the header and final paragraph formatting- and fixing it in the “field” bibliography is just being reverted when it “reformats” the bibliography. 

 Try this.  (I can’t test it as I am on a Windows machine with X4.)

In your manuscript, turn off the CWYW (format bibliography, third tab, disable) and delete the bibliography. 

Insert a paragraph after the header and make sure that paragraph is formatted normally.  No page break, no bolding, etc.  One way to easily do this is to select it and ctl (command on a mac?) +spacebar. 

Now try “format bibliography” (you can enable the CWYW again from the third tab, if you like).  You can also change the style here, you might want to try Author, date, rather than annotated, so you don’t get the abstract in your reference list. 

You can also download additional journal specific styles that you might want to use that are not installed automatically, via the help, webstyles finder in the Endnote program.  downloading one of those, and then “save as” changing the name to include the date or something like that of the newly downloaded file (and changing that in the format bibliography dialog).  This part is demonstratedin training here.  (select the word2008, bibliography part)There you can see you can delete your header entirely and use the Endnote Format Bibliography layout tab. 

Hope that helps.  There are a number of tutorials that you might want to check out.  They also offer Webinar’s where you can ask questions.   Check the training page here. 

Thank you for your quick reply! I will try that and post if it works.