Page numbers in conference paper bibliography template


I’m creating an output style and want to include conference papers in the bibliography templates.  The reference type for ‘Conference Paper’ contains a ‘Pages’ field.  But when I try to Insert the Pages field into the template it doesn’t work.

For example, the bibliography template looks like this:

Author. Year. Title. IN: Conference Name, Date, Conference Location. Publisher|, p^pp.Pages|. 

it produces a reference formatted like this:

CRIBB, G. & C. HOGAN. 2003. Balanced Scorecard: linking strategic planning to measurement and communication. IN: 24th Annual IATUL Conference, June 2-5, 2003, Ankara, Turkey. p^pp.Pages. 

It does work in the reference type ‘Conference Proceedings’ - which is bizarre as it would seem more logical that you would want to include the page range for a paper within a proceedings, rather than for the proceedings itself. 

Can anyone explain why this is happening and if there is a work-around?  I’d be very grateful for any suggestions.  I’m using EndNote X1 on a Windows PC.

Many thanks.

I think you are missing a space after the pp.  - try putting in a link adjacent space there.  It is see pp.Pages, which doesn’t match Pages as a field.