papers from Adv. Mater. series cannot be cited

Endnote has been very popular in academic world since it alleviates researchers to quickly locate and organize research articles. But it has some problems. One of them is that papers published on Advanced materials series cannot be cited by some of elsevier journals since papers on adv. mater. series journals only have article number rather than page numbers. When endnote is used to organize references, only issue number and publication year will show up for papers on adv. mater., which greatly influence the successful citation of papers with high impact. I hope Endnote could do some adjustment to resolve incompatibility with Elsevier journals to benefit researchers.   

Correct handling of these, I assume would be defined in the output style for a journal (by only “some of elsevier journals” so is it handled correctly in other output styles?).  So is it just that these output styles need updates? 

It may be that one needs to create a different ref type for these kind of publications, or a custom field to house the article number and incorporation of that field into the appropriate template so that either page numbers when there, or the article number are included appropriately. These output styles would need to be corrected – which is the power of Endnote.  The software user, can modify the output styles as needed.  

If more complex, it may be that either Elsevier or the publisher of Advanced materials series would be the best people to frame the problem and determine the best solution to the software provider?