Part Title of a journal does not appear in superscript


I am using EndNote X9, Word 2016 and Chicago 17th footnote bibliography style.

I want a part of the title of a journal to appear in superscript.

I enter into the journal entry, select the required part and use the superscript icon to get the required part in superscript. I can save it and if I enter into the same journal entry again, it shows me that entry is saved with the superscript part.


  1. The preview in EndNote does not show the superscript. (Just the title with all normal fonts).

  2. This is same with the main view of EndNote (where all the different book entries are shown).

  3. This is same with the footnote and the bibliography generated.

If I go into the journal entry, the entry is saved with the superscript part.

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance.