error while opening library (updating pdf)


I am using Endnote X4 for mac and while trying to open a library (while the programme showed the “updating pdf index” window) the program shuts down producing the error report (I attach below).

How can I recover my data? References most of all (the pdf’s I could reattach manually if necessary).

Thank you for your help.

endnote_error_report.txt (36.6 KB)

There’s a patch which upgrades X4 to version X4.0.2 and among the “fixes” includes one for PDF Indexing. There’s also a tech article (below) which documents a scenario similar to yours and recommends installing the patch. For information about the patch go to:

EndNote X4 Mac: PDF Indexing Issue

Certain customers may find that when opening existing libraries for the first time in EndNote X4 for the Macintosh, their library may hang for a long time with the message PDF Indexing and then eventually fail to open.
To resolve this issue, please visit our update page and download the EndNote X4.0.2 update for Macintosh. Installing this update should resolve this issue.

If you continue having difficulty opening your library in EndNote X4.0.2, or with any version of EndNote other than X4, please contact our Technical Support.