Does anyone has the styfe file available for the Journal Persoonia (Publisher CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre). I can not find it anywhere!!!

Thanks a lot!

Vanina Castroagudin - UNESP Brazil

Not every publication in the world is available, which is when we need to find one like it or similar and adapt it. Here is a great manual on how to modify styles which can be downloaded (right hand side) of the knowledge base article here:: 

but to do that, we need the instructions (which are here amd some examples, copied below).  – so I  made a style that should match your requirements which is attached. 

Persoonia instructions:

Reference citation in text: References in the text should be chronological, and given in the following form: ‘Smith & Jones (1965) have shown …’, or, ‘some authors (Zabetta 1928, Taylor & Palmer 1970, Zabetta 1970) consider that …’. The names of collaborating authors are joined by an ampersand (&). Where there are three or more authors, names should be cited by the first name only, adding ‘et al.’ (et al. in roman type), e.g. ‘Bowie, Black & White (1964)’ are given as ‘Bowie et al. (1964)’ or ‘(Bowie et al. 1964)’. Where authors have published more than one work in a year, to which reference is made, they should be distinguished by placing a, b, etc. immediately after the date, e.g. ‘Dylan (1965a, b)’. Reference citations in text should be in ascending order of year first, followed by authors’ names. In the References section, citations should be strictly alphabetical, with papers having the same authors arranged according to date. Each reference should include the full title of the paper and journal, volume number, and the final as well as the first page number. In the case of chapters in books, the names of editors, first and last page numbers of the articles, publisher and place of publication are needed.

Black JA, Taylor JE. 1999a. Article title. Studies in Mycology 13: 1–10. (all in roman).

Black JA, Taylor JE. In press. Article title. Mycological Research.

Black JA, Taylor JE, White DA. 1981. Article title. In: Seifert S, Seifert KA (eds), Book title. Press, Country: 11–30.

Simpson H, Seifert KA. 2000. Book title. 2nd edn. Press, Country.

White DA. 2001. Dissertation title. PhD thesis, Department, University, Country.

Note that References do not contain any BOLD nor ITALIC text.

persoonia.ens (12.3 KB)

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forgot that to ensure that your library has the appropriate “full text” terms for journal conversion to “full journal name” requirements, you need to follow the knowledge base article here too: