Phys & Chem journals: page number & article number and bibliography template

Hi, I am using Endnote X6, OS X 10.8 and MS 2011 for Mac. I have an account on WebOfKnowledge and keep syncing with my local database. Everytime when I need a new entry I would go on and save it in my cloud account on WebOfKnowledge first and sync it to my local database. Here is the problem, which could already have been experienced by a lot of others but I haven’t found a precise solution that fits my situation.

Some of the entries have the traditional page number, and some have the new article number. And the popular journals don’t have article number in their article template fields. This is somewhat easily fixed by manually adding Article Number by the side of page number (Page).

But some of the entries have them both in my local database and my cloud account, when I saved the entries by clicking the “send to”. This is annoying because it will show page number and article number at the same time in my word files if I keep using my solution above.

Is there a way to avoid this problem? Any help will be appreciated.

I found this  . But I’m not sure how filter can be applied in this situation.