"Endnote cannot open this file"

Dear Community,

I have a small problem and I hope you’ll be able to help me out a bit. I have created a fairly large library (around 2,2GB) which I have compressed as an .enlx-file. While trying to open this file on a different PC, I get the error message that “Endnote cannot open this file”, though it is a normal .enlx file.I tried to open it via directly clicking the .enlx file, and indeed, the .enl file appears along with the data files, however, both do not contain any content.

I’m currently using EndNote X9 and am kind of frustrated, because a lot of work has flown into this library, which would be rendered useless if I can’t open it on other PCs. Does anyone of you have an idea what the problem could be?

Best regards!

Not sure, but there are maximums on library size (4Gb I think, which is more than you report) and number of files (65,535 files).  https://support.clarivate.com/Endnote/s/article/EndNote-Upper-size-limits-on-library-files-created-through-the-Compressed-Library-command?language=en_US

Also, I have run into problems if PDF file name are too long, especially if trying to unpack in a deeper folder structure.