Please help!, i have lost my *.data and *.enl

Hi all,

My pc laptop was attacked by trojans, and cannot save any files this. So, i need to install everything as a brand new windows 7. Thus, i have lost endnote library but i have an updated endnote online library.

Could you please suggest me how can i get both my *.data and *.enl files returning through my laptop?

P.S. i am not sure that can and how i get my *.data and *.enl from endnote online to local laptop. Have you had any suggestions?

Thank you very much.


Hello Champ,

I see your account is associated with EndNote X7 and you have synchronized before. You can just create a new library using the File > New command to create it on your machine. When that has been created, click on the Tools menu and select Sync. This will prompt you for your credentials to synchronize with your online account. Please contact Technical Support if you need assistance:

I would call Tech support to ask them to walk you thru the steps.  

Thank you for your advice. I have got my library back.