Please help so I can evalute programme, Need to build own library using browser - disconnecting problems


I have been trying to do the trial but cant find out how to search the internet as my libraries are not listed. I can log into Australian Libraries as I am a member but I keep getting disconnected. My trial is running out. Videos that might be helpful have been removed from you tube. The getting started library does not address my needs.

I realise your time is valuable but if you can kindly asist it will be most appreciated. i did post on this issue but got no replies.

Your prior inquiry was posted on a different part of the forum called “EndNote General”. If you recheck that section you’ll see several responses by various forum users:

You might contact Libraries Australia for further info on connecting usi,ng EndNote as the “disconnection” problem might lie with: 1) your Libraries Australia account, 2) a change in their server configuration, 3) your Internet connection or firewall or the way you’re connecting (i.e., via EndNote - but you need to provide specific information/steps as to how you’re connecting; screenshots are helpful).

Ok thanks

Thought I was on general discussions. I se repies now.

I managed to get into Libraries Astralia but really of no use to me.and i want to go ito university libraries - not just one resource. Somone showed me how to use google scholar. This is ok and easy but  I still need to get to my state library or do a general search in my browser.

I am going back to the other discussion

many thanks

It might help if you identify (name) the “state” libraries you’re trying to access; otherwise you can search the EndNote support site to see if there’s a corresponding connection file or an import filter available.

To locate and download connection files (to connect fo libraries - but note some libraries may have restricted access:

To locate and download Import filters (to convert .txt or RIS files so they may be imported into EndNote: