PowerPoint Won't Send To Word

I keep getting an EndNote error message “Word can not save this file because it is an open elsewhere (C:\EndNote\Endnote cwyw.dot)” then “EndNote X2 – Word cannot write to file” before the PowerPoint error message “PowerPoint couldn’t write to Microsoft Office Word.” EndNote was not open and the “open EndNote when Word open” box is NOT checked in CWYW options.  This is crippling – I need to print a set of speaker notes.

I’m having the same problem and also getting very desperate. Am using EndnoteX2 and Word 2003.

Hope we can get some answers here very soon. 

If I were you, I would contact Tech support directly rather than rely on the Usergroup?

Additional notes: 

I tried version X and X1 with Word 2003/PowerPoint 2003, in the computers around, and “Send to Word” worked, no problems.

Interestingly, X2 and Word 2003 in my main PC (Windows XP SP3) does have the same problem (cwyw.dot remain open in the WINWORD.EXE even Word and Endnote are not running), which interrupt “Send to Word” command.

I agree with Leanne that this is probably the issue with Tech Support or, likely, it is a bug in X2.

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Try closing Outlook.

I tried closing Outlook, but still “Send to Word” didn’t work. I checked process running background in task manager, and there was WINWORD.EXE still there. I terminated the WINWORD, and tried Send from Powerpoint. Again, same thing happened.

I set all the CWYW options off, even removed the Endnote CWYW.dot global template in Word, restart PC, and ran PowerPoint first thing after reboot. Again, same thing. The Endnote CWYW.dot template came back on in Word. Isn’t that strange? So, maybe this is the issue with Word, about how to remove global template attachment. I’m not so sure about that. Also, I don’t have Word 2007-X2 combination tested.

Fortunately, I don’t have an urgent need to use Send to Word function like other two members, but hopefully they contacted Tech support and figured out how to get around this problem.

Thanks for the good advice about contacting tech support – their response follows:

This is a known issue with EndNote X1 and X2. We are working with MS to fix this issue but have run into a snag as Microsoft says that PowerPoint does not load plug ins for word, which is obviously not the case.

If a fix is found, we will add it to one of the upcoming patches. As a work around, you can use the Configure EndNote tool found in Start / All Programs / EndNote / to remove the components when you need to use PowerPoint’s “Send to Word” function. Once done, just run the tool again to re-enable the CWYW tools.

Another work-around: In Power Point, File/Save as/{*.wpg} In Word, Insert/Picture/From file.

The advantage of this method is that the picture is available for other uses.

Am grateful to find this posting, having just spent 10 mins searching for the phantom ~ files that usually cause me problems with EN refusing to open or save files. I hope they resolve this bug soon, it is very frustrating.

I didn’t have any luck with the second option (save as), and having had so many troubles getting CWYW to work on my networked PC I was reluctant to disable the tools. Ended up saving the PPT to a USB and using a computer with EN X… which of course meant I could easily do a Send To Word in PowerPoint without trouble.

cheers, Kirsty

Try File/Save as/*.wmf and then Insert/Picture/From file. This works with Word-XP. The commands may be different for other versions.