Print call number, notes with bibliography

I have a group “Check at library” where I put books I need to check at the library. Whey I print that list out, I want the notes and the call numbers to print as well as the title and author info. How can I do that?


Try “Annotated” which usually prints everything, otherwise, construct a style from that - adding and deleting what you want, and don’t want.

How do I construct a style?

Poor choice of words on my part.  I don’t recommend “constructing” a style, but editing a style already available that is close to begin with.  In this case, Edit>Output style> edit “annotated” then save as to a new name.  Now look at the templates and delete what you don’t want in your favorite reference types.  If you get close but have a problem, post your revised style here and tell us what the problem is, and one of us will probably take a look and fix it further, and post it back. 

I’m afraid I still don’t follow you. I want to start with Chicage 15th A style, and just add Notes and Call Number. Could you walk me through it?

Okay.  Have Chicago 15th A selected as your output style in Endnote.  Edit output style>edit “Chicago 15 A”.  

File>save as and give the style a new name (so you still have the original unmodified style in case you need it for authentic publications.)

go to the Bibiography “Layout” section  and there you can add “Notes” from the “insert field” dropdown.  – Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Callout is an option there, so you will need to go back to the templates section and add that field to each of the templates which you are likey to want that listing in. 

The “insert field” dropdown is greyed out–won’t budge.

OK, I figured out how to go to Bibliography/Layout/End each reference with/Insert field/Notes. I had to click in the black field first to get Insert fields to show up. But I don’t follow how to add Call number–could you give a step-by-step explanation please?

I just switched from a very old version of ProCite–which did this automaticallly! EndNote appears to me to have gotten lost in the thicket of ever-increasing complexity, forgetting the needs of new and occasional users.