X7 on Mac with Word 2011 - Right Paren does not appear with in-text citation - 'Smith (2007'

Hello all,

Having an issue with the right parentheis not showing up only on non-parenthetical in-text citation.  I have X7 on the Mac with Word 2011.  I have seen similar issue in other posts and have tried those solutions, but still having the issue.  Need help as I’m doing my dissertation!  Thank you all.

Please either “zip” the output style you are using and attach the zip file to a reply here, or rename the output style changing the .ens to .txt and attach it.  (unless they have fixed it, it doesn’t seem to accept the .ens file as attachment). 

Thank you for your reply.  I am unsure of how to do that.  I’m assuming this file has a particular name.  Please help me locate it and I will send it off.  Thank you again.

When you are in Word, there is a output style name that has been selected which endnote uses to format the bibliography, citations and/or footnotes.  Can you tell me the name of that output style? It should be on the endnote toolbar or in the format bibliography dialog box.  If you didn’t edit it  (which is often what results in errors such as the one you are describing), where did ;you get it?  How did you get “Smith (Year)” as opposed to (Smith, Year).  Is it in a footnote or is it a citation in the body of the text? 

I am not exactly sure where they live on a “Mac”  but searching for the output style name with a .ens ending should reveal its location. 

Okay, sorry fro my loing delay.  i gave up for a while, but now I need to get this resolved.  I went and looked at what you specified.  All i found was the name of the Docuement and the Output style of ‘APA 6th’.  i found ‘APA 6th.ens’  I don’t even know how to edit this.  The issue is in body citation.  

I need - Smith (2010) said blab blab. 

I am getting Smith (2010 said blab blab.

Thank you again


The APA 6th output style works fine for me (EndNote X7, MS Word 2010, Windows 7 Pro). Sounds like your citation template might be missing the right parenthesis. Have you tried

downloading/installing a new output style file:  http://endnote.com/downloads/styles


…or attach your APA 6th output style file.

Thank you everyone (especially CrazyGecko).  That did it.  For whatever reason I was missing a vertical line symbol at the end of the syntax for the citation template.  When I added that it worked.  Thank you again. I am sure I did not edit this since I did not know how to.  Oh well, who said dissertations are suppose to be done in a short period of time :slight_smile:

Happy Belated Thanksgiving.