Problem everytime I incert a citation to word from ENDnote

Hi Everyone

I need a urgent help, since I am writing my thesis with a dead line coming shortly.

Everytime I import and cite from Endnote to word, word stop working and I have to restart the computer. I don’t have problem with the first cite I incert, but there is no way i can normaly incert a second with no problem.

What to do?

I forgot to mentione I am using Endnote 6 and word 2010

EndnoteX6 and Word 2010 presumably.  

I suggest that you make a copy, unformat the citations to the temporary citation {author, year #RecNO}.  Are you tracking changes?  – I would stop tracking changes, or accept them as you go.  Then you can try cleaning up fields.  Are there other fields you are using in the document, like tables?  If so you might want to use Endnote tools to do this, rather than Word, but I prefer to clean up all the fields if possible. On the temporary citation only document, select all and ctrl+shift+f9.  Then try reformating the document from the endnote ribbon and see if the problem goes away?    

More details about cleaning up field codes are in this  even though the problem sounds different.  

If you do use Track Changes, I would suggest just setting it to Final rather than Final Showing Markup. Also, you can go to the View tab and set this to Draft. This greatly improves the performance. There are additional settings that can be used to speed up performance. Please see the steps in this article: