problem in direct export to an open endnote library


i am facing a problem in my laptop (vista edition of windows). i have installed endnote version 9. i also created one library. the problem is if my endnote library is open and i want to export any citation from any site like wileyinterscience, jstor, ssrn etc. and i select my already open library for export, an error comes

“this file is in use.  enter a new name or close the file that’s open in another program.”

this problem does not occur if my endnote library is not open before.

do you have any solution for this i.e. i want to export citation to an already open endnote library.

kind regards


 I have found that windows vista does not allow to direct export to the already opened endnote library. but i am confused about the followin sentences found in endnote website

“In windows vista, Direct Export will not work if you choose to send the records to a currently opened library. The exception to this is that if you had opened a given library by using Direct Export and selecting that library, you can continue to send references to that library with subsequent Direct Exports in the current library session.


but i found that subsequent reference sending is not possible even if i open my library using Direct export.


anybody with any suggestion?



Is EndNote working on a fix for this? Or found a workaround? Would upgrading to 11 help (I have X now)? It is a serious hassle.