Trying to "Save a copy" of my library on Vista machine

I have EndNote 9 and am working among two computers with Windows Vista and one with Windows XP (my laptop).  I have been doing extensive work on my Vista desktop and am trying to copy my library so that I can transfer it to my laptop.  However, I think the saved copy is going to some hidden place, because every time I try it, I can’t find the file. 

I have not found the support page of the EndNote website to be particularly helpful.  Does anyone know what I can do, either to tweak EndNote or tweak my Vista settings?  I temporarily was able to export my library as an .xml document, but I really need the copy library function to work because I need to maintain the numbering of my references as they were entered into my library.  When I did the .xml export, that numbering was lost and reverted to being numbered alphabetically.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Nevermind, I withdraw my help question (but will leave it posted here for others who may have similar issues).  I think I have gotten around the hidden library issue by turning off the “User Account Control” in Vista.