need to close and reopen library for each new ref. import...


I have endnote 9.0.1 on a Vista ultimate OS and I am using office 2007. When I want to download references into Endnote I have to close the library in which I want to import the reference. This can be quite annoying when downloading a few references one after the other.

What can I do to fix this problem?

Thank you


Apparently there are known capatibility issues relative to Windows Vista and versions of EndNote relative to versions 8.02, 9.01, and X.0.2.  One problem concerns exporting records to an open library described as:

“Direct Export will not work if you choose to send the records to a currently opened library. The exception to this is that if you had opened a given library by using Direct Export and selecting that library, you can continue to send references to that library with subsequent Direct Exports in the current library session.”


Unfortunately no fix is given for the problem.  Presumably upgrading to the current version of EndNote would address the problem. For info on this and other compatibility issues concerning Windows Vista check out:


Alternatively, my suggestion is (if possible) install Endnote 9 to Win XP machine and use either Word XP (2000) or Word 2003. This combination will be much less frustrating than sticking to Vista (if it is 64bit, even more trouble) and Word 2007 because EN9 was developed around these OS and office suite. Microsoft added so much to OS and office suite later, and Endnote doesn’t necessarily offer the best backward compatibility. We could be extremely grumpy about their (MS and TR’s) philosophy to ask users to upgrade and pay more money, but that’s how this business model is working now. If you don’t have access to old OS or old office suite, then the best way is to upgrade Endnote as suggested already. Sorry, you kinda have a bad combination.

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myoshigi’s message reminded me that Windows Vista allows you to rollback compatibility - so you could “assign” an earlier Windows OS to your EndNote 9.0.1.  (If you have a shortcut icon on your desktop, put your cursor on the icon, right-click your mouse to display the submenu, select “Properties” then go to step #3 below.)


  2. Locate the EndNote program folder and place your cursor on the application.  Right-click your mouse to display a submenu. Select “PROPERTIES” which will then display a popup box.

  3. In the Properties pop up box, click the “Compatiblity tab”.  Under “Compatibility mode”, click the box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.  Then select Windows XP (or earlier OS if you prefer.)

  4. Click the APPLY button. Then click OK to to close the box.

  5. Restart your computer.