Problem: new numeration in new file session

hello, here’s my problem. I’ve wrote a text and i’m making references with EndNote. I close my text for a while. When i open the file again I notice that EndNote has a default numeration: it start from 1 when I need for example n 23 and reference at the end of text disappears. even if i set a new numeration in ‘format bibliography’ it doesn’t consider redundant references. Someone can help me,please?

What platform and version, what  version of Endnote, and what word processor?

What style are you using? 

I am a little confused about the problem.  Are you sure the document is being formated (format bibliography) is using the style you think it is using?  Can you attach the style and tell us the setting that are in use in the format bibliography layout tab? 

hello i’m using EndNote X3 trial version on Win7 with OpenOffice 3.2. By default EndNote has ‘annotated’ in ‘format bibliography’, but the first time i sat up ‘numbered’ instead. The style is always the same (times new roman, 12 pt) But everytime it starts from 1 instead of last number in refernces

I am not sure what the problem is, and if it relates to the trial.  When I set a numbered reference style for an OpenOffice manuscript, and set the ref numbers to start from 23, it sticks.  Obviously if I create a new manuscript, then it starts from 1 (and I am not sure how the manuscript decides what style to use. It doesn’t alwasys seem to default to the one chosen in Endnote.