intext citation displaying as ()


I hope someone can help.  I’ve been using word with no issue and now all of sudden in certain sections of the document in text citations display as ().  Entries dont appear in the bibliography.  It started following adding sections written by other group members.  I was prompted at the time if I wanted to convert word references to endnote, I selected yes.  I cant figure out how to fix it.

Thank you


Unfortunately, It is possible that your document has corrupt field codes in it.  We have a FAQ on our web site that gives the steps to remove all of the field codes and clean up the document.  You should first make a backup of your Word document and then follow the steps in the FAQ at:

You may have to reinsert any citations that do not unformat in the format of Author Year and Record Number.

If you need additional help I would contact Technical Support directly.

1-800-336-4474 or

I guess the first question is whether endnote temporary citation appear when you convert bibiography to unformatted citations. If so, you are fine. 

Was the section where they “disappeared” formated with endnote to begin with or was it a co-author inserted chapter?  - I am guessing that one of the co-authors used word to insert citations and not endnote, and when combined endnote tried to convert them? Not sure what happens in that case.  Do you not have access to the pre-manipulated version?