Problem with citation oder in text Word for Mac, Mavericks, Endnote 7.2.1

My bibliography is set to sort Author + Date + Title and in text citations set to follow bibliography. However, biblio is being sorted Author+Date+Record Number as per example below: RSA. (2011). Draft Green Paper on Land Reform. Pretoria: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. [RN 1318] RSA. (2011). Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Bill. Place Published: Department of Trade and Industry. [RN 1712] RSA. (2011). Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act: Preferential Procurement Regulations. Place Published: Government of The Republic of South Africa. [RN 2265] My in text citations follow appear as follows: (RSA 2011b; RSA 2011a; RSA 2011c) the bibliography/Record Number order but the a,b,c, is clearly following the title order instruction. It makes no difference the sort order is set to follow the biblio or to follow the Author + Date + Title format.

Can you attach your output style?  

Thank you for your response.  I’m not sure what you mean though.  I’m using Harvard.

If you changed the output style – then it needs to be named to a new name, and it needs to be changed to point to the new named output style in the format Bibliography setting in the word processing program.  If you didn’t do that, it isn’t going to change the order for your different settings.  So you should be able to find the edited output style (I don’t know where they live on a Mac) and attach it to a reply in the “choose file” box at the bottom of the reply window.  

So I looked at the Harvard output style.  The default setting is “don’t sort” for citations.  – that lists them in the order you pasted them.  When I changed it to “same as bibliography”, and replaced the Harvard with the new Harvard copy (attached) in the manuscript, it sorted them in the expected abc order in the citation.  I don’t know where you set the output style in the Mac Word application you are using.  The image shows in Word 2013 on a PC. 

Harvard Copy.ens (24.7 KB)

Hi Leanne,

Thank you for your offer of assistance.  In the interim, I changed another setting relating to the formatting of citations and… it seems to have corrected that other problem.  Thanks anyway.