Problem with citation updates

Suddenly, my Endnote (20.4.1 for win) forgets to remove the old reference every time the bibliography is updated. Instead it adds more and more, making the text look like: “researcher A recently published important data (1) (1) (1) (1) (1), in contrast to researcher B (2) (2) (2) (2) (2),”
Anyone encountered the same or have a solution?

This usually means there is a corruption in the document.

Mind you – these instructions will also remove other fields, including table of contents, etc, which will need to be recreated. You can avoid this by only selecting the appropriate sections of the document to remove field codes. You may be able to use Endnote’s “convert to plain text” after you have "converted citations and bibliography to unformatted citations FIRST instead of Word’s removed field code command.

Finally, the last step is not usually necessary (copy and pasting it into a new document)


Another process you can use is to…
Make a backup copy of the document (always)
Then, use Convert to Unformatted citations, to convert the coded citations to temporary citations.
What actually causes this issue is generally instability caused by using the “link in text citations with references in the bibliography” in Configure Bibliography. (Usually in tandem with Track Changes)
Make sure to turn this option off, before continuing.

Only one version of each of the citations will unformat, and you’ll be left with something like…
{Smith, 2000 #123}(1)(1)(1)
Delete the items that didn’t unformat.
Check to make sure there are no extra bibliographies at the end of the document, as an Unformat Citations will also remove any active bibliographies, and sometimes this issue comes with extra bibliographies as well.

Once all of the uncoded items are cleaned up, and Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography is turned off, click “Update Citations and Bibliography” and relink any citations that need it.

Having done this, the best workaround if your end result document needs those hypertext citation links, is going to be to turn on that option at the end of the process, rather than having them assigned the entire time.

I hope this helps!

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Many thanks to both replies! I have been able to clean the corrupted links, thanks to your proposed methods. I still don’t really understnad why it happened (I don’t think I have done anything with the document apart from writing and inserting references), but anyway, if it happens again I know how to handle it.

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