Differentiation of output styles of author, translated author, editor ...

Dear developers,

I have the following problem and maybe this can be considered to be changed in one of the next updates or versions of EndNote.

The issue I am trying to solve is the following. I am writing my thesis on a russian topic and have to transcribe to latin letters and translate to germanquite a lot of authors and titles , as it is usually done in comparable works. This combined with the type “Book Section” I want authors and editors to appear in a different way:

‘…’ Endnote field

*…* custom field

My own Output Style:

‘Author, A. B.’ (‘Translated Author, A. B.’ as original in russian) - ‘Title’ transcribed (‘Translated Titel’ as original in russian - *German translation*)

in: ‘Editor1, A. B., Editor2, A. B’ - ‘Title’

‘Edition’, ‘Place’ ‘Year’

‘Author’ and ‘Translated Author’ should appear with initials, one or more ‘Editors’ without but connected via a “/”.

If I want to change Editor1, A. B., Editor2, A. B. to: Editor1/Editor2, the changes affect Translated Author as well, which is not very usefull…

So why not add a possibility to set behaviour independently for all authors, editors?